Tuesday, 22 April 2014



Content  quality is the key of SEO .
Your article must be unique and do not Copy from any other site.
Search Engines are very good eye to find Duplicate Content.
Avoid Shortcuts.
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Friday, 27 May 2011

beginner at Blogger

I have a plan for blogger using friends .
We make a team of many peoples we save one another,s blog links and visit one another blogs daily.
Many of us all are new on blogger so we have not much more visitor  for gain profit from google adsense and other adsense .
So we want to work with one another .
if you visit 30 blogs in one day so their 30 admins of blogs visit your blog .
for inspection we comment on every blog and every day so all people know who is visit my blog and now i visit his blog.
if this plan is going well so every team member is get 100 + unique visitors for his site and 300 + page impressions .
so please friends tell me about this plan and join me on facebook also.
plz join me for your bloggers.
this blog is also mine . http://s3lten.blogspot.com/

Google adsense help 2

Some suggestions for new user of adsense
1. You need a proper blog for adsense
2. No copy right data on it
3. Your blog must consist on 4 or more pages not single page site.
4. No nude data on your blog .
5. You update you blog daily .
6, You attract visitors from social networking sites like facebook and twitter .
7. Tell your friends about your blog.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Google Adsense Help

Many peoples have a problem to get an adsense account .
There are some reasons for not getting Adsense account .
1. your blog is consist on only 1 page and page type.
2. your blog have some irrelevent data.
3. your blog have copy right data.
4. your data is not unique .
5. some nude data.
6. you blog hurts some one .
i have many solutions for these all.
follow my blog and get noticed....

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

some ways to earn online money

there are many other ways to make money online there are diffrant type of online jobs like ads posting , data entery forum posting backlink creator.
you must have a very goog knowlege about internet for these jobs .
there are some sites that i know which perovide these jobs like freelancer.com and cyberonlinejobs.net.
if you need more money and wanted some brief knowledge about internet and its related feilds you are
know good knowledge about jooma , php , HTML , sql , adsense account , online jobs and data entery jobs.

Monday, 9 May 2011

earn free money tricks

Earn Money Online via doing Free Online Jobs

Free Online JobsLearn how you can make lot of money on the internet without investing a single cent from your pocket, EVER.
You will make money online via doing different kinds of free online jobs without worrying about any scams.
The reason for not worrying about any scams is that, you will never pay any cash from your pocket Ever.
What does Free Online Jobs mean? Does it mean that I will be doing work for other people on the internet and in return, I will not be Paid?
No: You will always be paid: This term simply means that you can get different kind of jobs on the internet [Like: data entry, copywriting, coding etc] and for doing this work, you will earn legitimate money. But in order to get these jobs, you do not have to pay any fee [it is 100% Free].

Thursday, 5 May 2011

easy way to making money.

i think the very easy way to making money online is to make some unique blogs through blogspot.com now you want a adsense account on your blog after that you update your blogs daily and advertise your blogs on internet and tell your friends about this blog,
this is very easy method to earn money online
if you aare very expert in the feild of web desigening and web devolping you try to work at freelancer.com , odesk.com , elance.com and many other sites.