Sunday, 24 April 2011

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Levels of Making Money Online
by: Steve Thomas
The first objective to make money online for me was always trying to find the "secret". After finding out there was absolutely no secret to making money online, I took off and made my own site. I will talk a bit about the levels and methods of having an online income here in the next few paragraphs. It is not as hard as people think to making an income with your computer.

If you are like millions of others, ebay is the first place most people start to make money online, and that may be the place for most to start out. But that is just one method. The second method of making money online, and it seems to be the easiest after ebay is to do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the way to make money online selling other people's things. People like Rosalind Gardner and Ewen Chia have the status of super-affiliates and rightfully so.
They have learned how to successfully use their marketing talents to sell tons of things for other people. It is nice to be able to learn the methods of affiliate marketing, because it means you do not have to have your own product. No product of your own means you do not have the trouble of customer service. You can start this week, even in the next few hours as an affiliate and make money within a couple of hours. It is that easy, and you do not necessarily need your own web site.

Since I spoke on not having your own product to sell online, the obvious next step is to develop your own product and let others sell it for you. For me, this is the only way to go. This way, I can have thousands of people promoting my own product at a place called clickbank and immediately get sales. I will lose part of my total profit, but overall, I will be making more money. If you can also make your own downloadable product online, you should certainly try it.

We could go on to the next level of making money online, which is of course harder, but not impossible. You could make the website where everyone comes to sell their things, and find things to sell. This niche is fairly well taken over already, but if you have a better idea, you should hire the programmers to do it. If the current web sites like ebay and clickbank are not serving the world in your area, you could definitely become the person to make that happen for your part of the world. Competition is good for the web, and keeps the big boys in line.

As I said earlier, after finding out there was of course no secret to making money online, I took off and made my own site. I wrote my own money making report and published it online on my own site. I would suggest this to be the best method to have a good return on your own time spent online. Give the world good solid information about how to make money online and they will be glad to pay you to use it.

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